As Good As Gold by Patricia Furstenberg @PatFurstenberg #BlogTour #Review

Thank you for stopping by I’m delighted to be sharing my review for As Good As Gold by Patricia Furstenberg as part of the blog tour today. First of all though let’s take a look at the description for the book…

As engaging as a tail wag

Celebrating the simple things in life as seen through the eyes of our old time favourite furry friends, “As Good as Gold” is a volume of poetry revealing the talent and humour we always knew our dogs possessed.

Dogs are full of questions, yet they are famed sellers of innocence especially when it comes to explaining their mishaps and often foolish effervescence through ponderings such as “Why IS a Cat Not Like a Dog”, “As Brown as Chocolate”, “Silver Stars and Puppy Tail” or, best yet, “Dog or Book?”
A book with an enormous heart for readers of all ages, it includes 35 poems and haiku accompanied by expressive portraits of our canine friends.
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These poems are a real treat especially if you love dogs and I do think that this book will appeal to all age groups. There is a lovely collection of different poems and Haiku that really show the personality of dogs from their questioning to playfulness.
My little girl loves dogs so she really enjoyed listening to the poems as they really were lots of fun and designed to make you smile. Then there is the lovely addition of photos of both dogs and puppies that we both loved looking at although my little girl asked if we could have each one!

It was also great to show my little boy a book of poems as he has a poetry journal at school so I like to add to this whenever I can. Giving him the option of a story or a poem can be great especially if you are short on time but still want to sit and read with your little ones.

As Good As Gold is both charming and sweet!
With thanks to Patricia Furstenberg for my copy. 

Patricia Furstenberg came to writing through reading. She always carries a notebook and a pen, although at times she jots down her ideas on the back of till slips or types them on her phone.
Patricia enjoys writing for children because she can take abstract, grown-up concepts and package them in humorous, child-friendly ideas while adding sensitivity and lots of love. What fuels her is an exhilarating need to write and… coffee: “How many cups have had this morning?” “None.” “Plus?” “Five cups.”
Between her books you can find the beloved Joyful Trouble, The Cheetah and the Dog, Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles.
She is a Huffington Post contributor and pens the Sunday Column for as well as dabbing in freelancing. After completing her Medical Degree in Romania she moved to South Africa where she now lives with her husband, children and their dogs.
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