In Servitude by Heleen Kist @hkist #Review


Grace thought her sister led a perfect life.
She was wrong. Now she has to pay the price.

When Grace’s beloved sister Glory dies in a car crash, her carefully considered life spirals out of control. She discovers Glory was laundering money through her café for a local crime lord. What’s worse, Grace finds herself an unwitting accomplice, now forced to take over her sister’s shady dealings.

Determined to protect herself and those Glory left behind, Grace plots to turn the tables on Glasgow’s criminal underworld. But her plans unravel when more family secrets emerge and she starts to question Glory’s past intentions.

Grace grows convinced her sister was murdered. Seeking justice, she finds betrayal…



I loved how this book showed exactly how secrets can be so damaging along with seeing the consequences to some pretty bad decisions. Which is exactly how Grace finds herself in such a mess after her sister Glory dies. All I can say is what a tangled web Grace finds herself caught up in especially as Grace realises that she may not have known her sister as much as she thought. In Servitude had such an intriguing plot that easily pulled me in with me wondering which direction the story would take next! There is a little bit of everything within the pages of this book such as family drama, a darker criminal side and a general tension that gave the book an edge.

Heleen Kist did a fantastic job of building her characters up and even though the characters had their flaws this easily made them feel both real and believable. With dark secrets and lies being uncovered along the way that kept things very interesting. There is a hint of tension running throughout as you wonder about both Glory’s life and death along with the situation Grace needs to find a way out of. Grace is a very determined character and I loved seeing her try to figure a way out of the mess that she has inadvertently found herself in. It is this that kept me saying just one more chapter which of course meant I ended up reading late into the night. With me becoming even more invested in the story wondering how it would all end and I really am trying to be vague regarding the plot but I have to say what an ending!

With thanks to Heleen Kist for my copy.

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