In the Swim of Things by Tracie Banister @traciebanister #Review

Thank you for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing my review for In the Swim of Things by Tracie Banister. I would like to say a big thank you to the author for my copy. First things first though let’s take a look at the description for the book…


A sexy, sun-soaked tale about a tail-wearing girl who makes a lot of waves—perfect for fans of Lauren Layne, Meghan Quinn, and Christina Lauren.

Ocean-loving Kyra Goodwin had to give up her dream of becoming the female Jacques Cousteau in order to take care of her father and brother, but being a mermaid at the Cape Cod Aquarium is pretty fintastic as far as alternative careers go. 

Of course, life as a half-fish/half-woman isn’t all sunken treasure and Ariel twirls. Kyra has to deal with perpetually pruney fingers, eyes irritated by saltwater, and bratty kids on the daily, plus her glam alter ego can make dating really weird. (So many men have pervy siren-of-the-sea fantasies!) When she meets hunky surfer Cade, and he’s into her without knowing what she does for a living, Kyra thinks she’s finally won the romance lottery. 

Unfortunately, Kyra’s plans for a carefree summer of catching waves with her new boyfriend run aground when Sea Star Beach, a place that holds great sentimental value for her, is taken over by a big-city developer who wants to build an exclusive resort. Kyra’s crusade to save her beloved beach threatens both her job and her relationship with Cade as does her growing closeness with her irresistibly broody merwrangler, Declan, whose precocious daughter is intent on playing matchmaker. 

When a new family drama arises just as Kyra receives an offer that would turn her greatest desire into reality, she’s torn. Will she do what’s expected of her, or dive in and follow her heart?



I know when I pick up a book by Tracie Banister that I will find a fun story, lively and vibrant characters along with a romantic edge. So when I picked up In the Swim of Things I was expecting just that and well I wasn’t disappointed at all! It was the perfect escape from reality as I got caught up in all the drama that surrounded Kyra. With a fight to save the beloved Sea Star Beach, romance and family trouble all disrupting Kyra’s summer.

Kyra has one of the best jobs, she works as a mermaid at an aquarium and I loved how this added an extra quirky edge. With two romantic options to complicate things let’s just say Kyra doesn’t have it easy! Her character is fun, likeable and I loved how she stood up and helped to start the campaign to save the beach. There are moments that made me smile, shake my head and others where I was hoping that certain characters would get their comeuppance!

If you want a light, upbeat and lively story then look no further! In the Swim of Things has so much going for it a great setting, romance and enough drama to keep you entertained until the very last page!


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