Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas @DougieClaire @MichaelJBooks #BlogTour #Review

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the blog tour for Then She Vanishes by Claire Douglas and sharing my review today. With thanks to Sriya at Michael Joseph for the invite to join the tour and for my review copy. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…


Everything changed the night Flora Powell disappeared. 

Heather and Jess were best friends – until the night Heather’s sister vanished.

Jess has never forgiven herself for the lie she told that night. Nor has Heather.

But now Heather is accused of an awful crime.

And Jess is forced to return to the sleepy seaside town where they grew up, to ask the question she’s avoided for so long:

What really happened the night Flora disappeared? 



Don’t you just love a book that has plenty of secrets, tension and a start that will make you sit up and take notice! This is exactly what I found with Then She Vanishes.

The story begins with a shocking crime and then introduces characters that are bound by an event in the past. We meet Jess, a reporter as she finds herself in the middle of a story that sends her right back to her childhood. Jess is an interesting character I’m not quite sure if I completely warmed to her at least at the start anyway however I was intrigued by her. Jess finds herself stuck between the past and present, wondering how to go forward but still being able to live with her decisions regarding the story and the truth. I thought her character was developed well throughout especially as you see her home life and learn more about the past.

I loved the snippets from the unknown voice which were interspersed throughout the book. They made me question everything along with being suspicious of everyone. I thought that Claire Douglas weaved the past into the story in such a way that kept me turning those pages. Showing me how decisions made in the past by certain characters had repercussions that changed their lives forever. There is an edginess to the story where I just had to know what happened to Flora. Even though Then She Vanishes is more of a slow burner you really do get a feel for everything from the story to the characters even the minor characters all bring something to the story. I think this is why all of the revelations really got to me in the way that they did. Let’s just say I’m still thinking about everything that happened and I think the events will stay with me for a while.

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