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Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be one of the stops on the blog tour for Base Cowboys by Mark Farrer and sharing my review today. With thanks to Emma at damppebbles blog tours for the invite to join the tour and to the author for my copy. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…


BASE COWBOYS is a comic crime trilogy set in the Scottish Borders. It is the sixth laugh-out-loud book in the CULLEN series written by Borders author Mark Farrer and will appeal to readers of Christopher Brookmyre, Carl Hiaasen, Nick Spalding or Tom Sharpe. The book tells the stories of three amoral ne’er-do-wells, their unfortunate and accidental intrusion into Cullen’s life, and the imaginative ways he finds of ensuring (his) justice is done:


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Included in Base Cowboys is…

The first casualty of adultery is… the tooth!

Barry Sullivan is a sordid dentist who resorts to blackmail to keep his string of married women in line. But now Cullen has toothache – and a very different interpretation of the dental code of practice.


Meet Billy – the fastest gun in a vest.

Billy is a geriatric slum landlord desperate to win first prize in a Country & Western gunfight competition. But his trigger-happy birthday celebrations provoke Cullen, and now Billy must pay. Will he meet his High Noon at the Grand Ole Opry or will he go out with a bang? Whatever happens, there’s sure to be fireworks.

Finally we have…

There’s trouble brewing…

Tyler is a teenage tearaway with the eyes of a serial killer. But when he decides to rob Big Paul’s local pub, he gets more than he bargained for. Will Tyler lose his bottle, or just get smashed? Cullen thinks he’s seen dead eyes like those before, and now he has a plan: he’s not bitter, he’s just a little twisted.


Base Cowboys is a collection of three novellas all featuring the characters Big Paul and Cullen. Each story within this book is fun, quirky and humour filled. I have to say that I do enjoy novellas they are perfect if you are short on time or if you just want to pick up a book and finish it in one go. I loved the characters in this book there’s a brilliant mysterious edge to Cullen that keeps you intrigued wondering if you will find out just that little bit more in the next story. The interactions between Big Paul and Cullen make for entertaining reading, their friendship and banter was a highlight for me in every story.

Each novella has a distinct bad guy someone you really hope gets their comeuppance! Let’s just say justice will be served and not necessarily in the most conventional way but this made it all the more entertaining. Each novella works well and to be honest I don’t think I could pick a favourite. I never knew quite what was going to happen and I was pulled right in to the crazy situations that the characters found themselves in. The characters are larger than life with me rooting for the good guys and hoping the bad guys got their just desserts!

Base Cowboys is a book that can be picked up and read one novella at a time or a book that you can race through in one go. That’s the beauty of this book either way would work. What you will find is pure entertainment, drama and laughs!


Mark Farrer is the author of six comedy novels and novellas, each set in the Scottish Borders with a distinctive Scottish backdrop – whether salmon farming, textile mills, Rugby Sevens or the Scottish criminal justice system. His books are multi-stranded storylines involving larger-than-life characters, whose plans and incompetence inevitably exceed their wits. All feature an itinerant loner, Cullen, who lives off the grid and finds himself inadvertently drawn into someone’s crazy scheme, only for his own (very individual) sense of right and wrong to be offended. That’s generally when things start to go wronger.

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