The Space Race by Liz Butler @LizButl57860113 #Review #QandA

Thank you for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing not only a Q&A with Liz Butler but reviewing her brilliant book, The Space Race! Also a big thank you to the author for our review copy. First things first though let’s take a look at the description for the book…


Charming rhyming picture book which tells the tale of Cat and Dog, two fiercely competitive characters who fight like only a cat and dog can! The Space Race follows the extra-terrestrial adventures of Cat and Dog as they complete in the ultimate challenge – a race to the moon – to prove once and for all who is the best!


Hi Liz! Thank you very much for taking part in the Q&A, so let’s get started…

Which three words best describe your personality?



Hard working (which is handy considering the surprising amount of work involved once publishing in promoting your book!)

Which three vacation spots are your favourite?

Cornwall – I have so many happy childhood memories from Cornwall and always feel really inspired when I visit now due to all the beautiful scenery

Italy – amazing food, amazing wine, amazing history, amazing fashion…I could go on!

Lapland – absolutely love the snow and all things Christmassy (and there is no pressure for a perfect bikini body!) 

Which three things do you enjoy doing when you aren’t writing?

Reading! Whether it’s me being lost in a gritty thriller, or cuddling up with my 2 kids reading their favourite books 

Being out and about with friends and family – long walks in the fresh air

Puzzles, puzzles and more puzzles! 

Which three books would you want if you were stuck on a desert island?

Anything by Martina Cole – love them all! 

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens 

An empty journal so I can write (or is that cheating!?)

Which three books were your favourite as a child?

The Worst Witch – I read it, I watched it, I played it at school – I loved Mildred Hubble!

The Magic Faraway Tree – how many adventures could one group of children have!?  

The BFG – Roald Dahl, need I say anymore!?  His imagination and storytelling were just amazing!

Which three characters from any book would you have around for dinner?

Hercule Poirot – I just love this character and his all of his very particular little ways!

Bridget Jones – Would provide cheery entertainment, help to make sense of challenges of life and she would definitely bring a bottle! 

Matilda – smart, independent and loves books!  Also the ability to move things with her mind would definitely help when it came to clearing up! 

Which three things most inspired this book?

Sibling rivalry – how the smallest and simplest task can become a competition (which parents ultimately end up refereeing!) 

The traditional depiction of cat and dog as common adversaries – how far would they go to beat each other?

The many amazing, colorful, rhyming children’s picture books I’ve read over the years with my children

Which three emotions do you think your readers will experience while reading your book?

If the reader is a child, I’d hope that the adventures of Cat and Dog would allow them to experience a spectrum of emotions – suspense, surprise and happiness.  

As for their parents, they may experience relief that they child is nicely occupied and not asking for something every 5 minutes!

Last question I promise!

Which three words would you use to describe your book?



 Bright and colourful

Thank you again!


One of my favourite things to do each day is to sit down with my two children and read a book. Luckily for me both Dex and Missy share my love of books, phew! So what did we think of The Space Race…

In The Space Race we meet Cat and Dog who are fiercely competitive and decide to challenge each other to a very special race! The Space Race is an entertaining story about squabbling and being in competition with each other. I loved the moral to this story about teamwork and how useful it is to work together, something that I’m always keen to put across to my children. There was a bit of tension, danger and laughs too which was a great combination for a children’s book and a great way to engage my children. It’s safe to say that both my children really enjoyed the story and also the illustrations. Which were bold and bright, complimenting the story perfectly! In each illustration they loved pointing out certain things and telling me what was happening.

My seven year old especially loved the rhyming throughout and was able to read this book by himself although he still prefers to cuddle up with me and his sister for a story! It was lovely when we got to the part with the black hole to find that Dex already knew what a black hole was and he loved explaining it all to me. So he was definitely listening when they covered Space at school! After we finished the book I asked them what their favourite part was and they both said straight away “the alien being sick” so for once they were in agreement! 😉 We have read The Space Race quite a few times now and it remains a favourite!

The Space Race is engaging, fun and has a brilliant moral at its heart! A big thumbs up from us!

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