The Resident by David Jackson @Author_Dave @ViperBooks #20BooksofSummer (9/20) #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for The Resident by David Jackson today. With thanks to the publisher for my copy! This is book nine of my 20 books of summer challenge. First things first let’s take look at the description for the book…


Thomas Brogan is a serial killer, and he has nowhere left to hide. At least until he finds an abandoned house at the end of a terrace on a quiet street. And when he discovers that he can access three other houses through the attic space, the real fun begins. Because the one thing that Brogan enjoys even more than killing, is playing games with his victims. And his new neighbours have more than enough dark secrets to make this game his best one yet…


What can I say The Resident had me on edge! This book kept me on my toes and at times made me feel as if I was right there experiencing everything. There is an uncomfortable and creepy vibe to this book as we meet Brogan especially the more we learn about him. The thing about this book is it plays into our fears. I mean haven’t we all on occasion looked over our shoulder. Was there a noise or maybe an item we thought was in one place but is now somewhere completely different. It’s these little niggles that might occur in everyday life that make this book so deliciously creepy. I’m so glad I don’t have a loft/attic because I think I would be right up there checking or on second thoughts maybe just sealing it shut instead!

I guess in a way the story took a different direction to what I thought it would after reading the description. However I was not disappointed by this. In fact I found the story all the more intriguing for it. Sorry to be vague but no one likes spoilers! The nature of the plot had me turning the pages as fast as I could read them. It’s safe to say I had no idea where I was being taken when I turned that first page. It was so refreshing to just sit back and experience the surprises and edge of your seat moments. Some of my favourite parts were the brilliant touches of dark humour. Even if it was a subject you probably shouldn’t find funny. This balances out nicely with that unsettling feeling you will get with every turn of the page.

Twisted and dark!

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