The Return of the Disappearing Duke by Lara Temple @laratemple1 #Review #20BooksofSummer (10/20)

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for The Return of the Disappearing Duke by Lara Temple. I want to say a big thank you to the author for my copy. This is also my tenth review for my 20 books of summer challenge. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

A scarred mercenary…

Or the Disappearing Duke of Greybourne?

Rafe has spent years running from his true identity. He’s a lone wolf, living far from aristocratic England and his violent father. Then unconventional Cleopatra Osbourne requests his protection as she crosses the Egyptian desert. In Cleo he discovers a fellow outcast—and a fierce desire! Cleo must return to London, and here lies Rafe’s dilemma—because following his heart means claiming the title he’s avoided for so long!


As soon as I started reading this book I knew I would love it! Everything worked so well for me. From the setting in Egypt to the characters themselves. The Return of the Disappearing Duke really was the perfect escape. Lara Temple wrote this book in such a way that made me feel as if I was right there with Rafe and Cleo. Let’s just say that they go on quite an adventure, one that captured my attention from start to finish. From a memorable first meeting between this pair to their travels across the desert. Cleo and Rafe had a wonderful sizzling chemistry and I loved that there was an instant connection between the pair even though they tried to ignore it. Their interactions were very entertaining from the playful barbs to the smiles they shared. Their friendship builds in a way that felt natural but the hint of something more is always there. Let’s just say that the chemistry between Cleo and Rafe burns brightly. Did it get hot in here?! 😉

Not only do you have Rafe and Cleo there were also some other memorable minor characters that brought an extra special something to the story too. Along with catching up with some familiar characters too. The Return of the Disappearing Duke moved at a lovely pace and it didn’t take me long at all to find myself turning the last page. Which was all down to the wonderful writing that whisked me away to Egypt and a story that held a gorgeous romance at its heart. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Rafe and Cleo. With plenty of adventure, a hint of danger and a captivating romance The Return of the Disappearing Duke was brilliant! I loved it!

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