Her Best Friend, the Duke by Laura Martin #20BooksofSummer (17/20) #Review

Thanks for stopping by! Today you can catch my review for Her Best Friend, the Duke by Laura Martin. This is also book seventeen on my 20 books of summer challenge. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

An excellent student…

In the art of flirtation

Caroline Yaxley has always been in love with her best friend, James Dunstable, Duke of Heydon. After years of waiting for him, she’s finally admitted defeat and decided to find a husband. James suggests she practice her nonexistent flirtation skills on him, which seems like a good idea—until she must pull away to avoid a shattered heart. Their pretend attraction has begun to feel alarmingly real!


I admit I have a soft spot for the friends to lovers trope. All right I actually love it. It’s probably my favourite. Then add in the fact that this book is a historical romance. Of course I had to buy it! In Her Best Friend, the Duke we meet Caroline who decides to look for a husband after years of unrequited love for her best friend, James. However Caroline isn’t quite sure how to go about catching the attention of a man after years of doing her best to put them off. So James suggests she practise flirting with him. Well, James let’s just say you have well and truly started something now!

This book was so easy to read and I raced through it. I especially loved the interactions between James and Caroline. The way their friendship blurs and begins to change into something different. Caroline is a brilliant heroine with a lovely, warm personality who has always been worried about giving up her independence for marriage. James is wonderful although maybe a little slow to realise what is right there in front of him. However after seeing his parents so happy in their marriage he will only accept love that is instant and powerful. The chemistry between Caroline and James is stunning seeing their connection begin with a simmering spark and then deepen growing even stronger over time. I was left smiling away to myself throughout even when I could have given James a shake on many occasions.

Her Best Friend, the Duke was a gorgeous, romantic story that wrapped me up in a wonderful bubble from start to finish. I loved it!

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