A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple @laratemple1 #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple today. A big thank you to the author for my copy. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

Dashing and disreputable…

Now, he’s back in Society’s ballrooms!

Whispers of Captain Kit Carrington—now Lord Westford—have long scandalised the ton…so his arrival at the season’s most-anticipated ball sends society’s gossips into a frenzy!

Miss Genevieve Maitland needs his help to find an eligible match for her sister but assumes he’ll be reluctant to help the family that rejected him. Yet after one spine tingling waltz with Kit, sensible Genny finds he’s not her opponent—but a very tempting ally…!


I have to admit I’ve really been looking forward to reading Kit’s story. Let’s just say it was everything and more. The witty sparring and the gorgeous chemistry burned bright between Kit and Genny. I couldn’t read this book fast enough hoping that this pair would find their way to being together.

The story held my interest throughout especially the tricky dynamics of this family. Then add in Genny trying to keep order along with looking out for her family and I was hooked. Instantly likeable, Genny had such a wonderfully warm and intelligent personality. Of course a big stumbling block in her life appears in the form of Kit. Newly retuned home although not necessarily happy to be back. Now, what can I say about Kit? Well, I think I probably ended up a little in love with Kit myself. He was such a strong lead with a personality that drew me in the more I got to know him, sigh 🥰

I think I spent most of the time reading this book smiling at Kit and Genny’s banter. The way they danced around each other trying to stay one step ahead. A Match for the Rebellious Earl captured my attention from first page to last. I was completely caught up in the romance and even though I raced through this book I really didn’t want it to end!

Lara Temple always writes the most sizzling and beautiful romances. Just like the first book in the Return of the Rogues series A Match for the Rebellious Earl was a hit with me. Love, love, loved it!

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