Mine by Kelly Florentia @kellyflorentia #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for Mine by Kelly Florentia today. A big thank you to the author for my copy. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

When loner Lucy Harper, accepts a Facebook friend’s request from Jasmine, an old school friend, the last thing she expects is for Jasmine to run off with her husband, Andrew.

Now, newly divorced, Lucy lives in the flat she still part-owns with Andrew. After a drunken night out, she wakes up with Teddy Fallon. But this is the least of her worries.
The night before a text came through claiming someone knows her secret.
But what is Lucy hiding?

Before Lucy has time to process everything, her ex drops a bombshell – fiancé Jasmine is pregnant, and he wants his share of the money from the flat.

Then the blackmail begins.

Who is after Lucy and why?

Love isn’t always innocent, and Lucy is about to learn a lesson the hard way.


In Mine we meet Lucy who finds herself in quite a tricky situation. Lucy is being blackmailed and doesn’t know what to do. As her life spirals out of control the big question is. Who is out to get her?

Well, what can I say? This was definitely a twisty tale! I’m not sure I necessarily liked the characters in Mine but I did find them intriguing. I couldn’t help but be drawn into Lucy’s life and the way it had been suddenly turned upside down. Lucy was an interesting character but I did have to shake my head at times over some of the things she did. However I think this helped to make her character more realistic. After all in difficult situations sometimes we really don’t make the best decisions. Haven’t we all wanted to bury our head in the sand at times?!

I really enjoyed the way that Kelly Florentia teased out the story. Not everything was revealed at once which helped to keep you on your toes while reading. Slowly but surely it unravelled with a few surprises and twists that helped to increase the tension. It didn’t take me long to read mainly because I was eager to see what would happen to Lucy in the end. Even though she may not have been a fully loveable character I still cared enough to hope that everything would turn out fine in the end!

Along the way I changed my mind a few times over who was behind it all. I had a few theories about what was happening so I was also interested to see if I would be proven right or wrong. Throughout the story I was made to question friendships, the characters past relationships and blossoming ones. Mine is a story packed full of secrets, lies and blackmail!

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