The Summer Island Festival by Rachel Burton @RachelBWriter #TheSummerIslandFestival #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for The Summer Island Festival by Rachel Burton. With thanks to the publisher for my copy via Netgalley. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

When Willow walks out on her own wedding, there’s only one place she can go: Seaview village, on the island she once called home. But she’s not the only islander back for the summer…

Twelve years ago, Willow ran away to the mainland after her childhood sweetheart, Luc, betrayed her. Luc has since become a heartthrob musician, touring sold-out stadiums around the world, but he’s finally come home to headline the island’s annual music festival – and to win Willow back.

As Willow untangles her messy past, she stumbles on a secret that could destroy the island’s fragile community – and her second chance at love…


First of all I have to mention that The Summer Island Festival has a beautiful romance. The slow burn worked so well between Willow and Luc. They had a wonderful connection that made this book such a joy to read. However the romance wasn’t always the main focus throughout and I think this gave the book an extra special edge. I was pleasantly surprised to see parts of the story set in the past. I loved how these flashbacks were dotted throughout the book. During these parts my attention was captured as much as the parts set in the present with each new snippet increasing my curiosity. As the story progresses the reader begins to see just how much the past has played its part in all of the characters lives. As decisions and mistakes are still affecting them in different ways in the present.

I have to admit I’ve never been to a festival and if I’m honest I haven’t necessarily been too bothered about attending one. However I really enjoyed the way the planning and history of the festival connected to the story and the characters. There are secrets from the past that connect with both music and the lives of the characters. For me the romance, friendships and musical side to this story worked so well. The characters that Rachel Burton created felt so real. They had flaws that made them all the more realistic along with personalities that really drew me in. I was fully transported, not only to the fabulous location of the island but to the past. I found myself racing through the story and throughly enjoyed the escape that this book provided. I have to admit as I turned the last page I was sad to say goodbye to the characters.

The Summer Island Festival was beautifully written with a brilliant combination of music, nostalgia and wonderful characters!

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