A Hare’s Footprint by Celia Moore @CeliaMooreBooks #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing my review for A Hare’s Footprint by Celia Moore today. With thanks to the author for my copy. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

CELIA MOORE’S A HARE’S FOOTPRINT is the final part of the Fox Halt Farm trilogy – the compelling epic tale with a backdrop of Dartmoor, Devon continues… There is so much of the past that Billy has spent years avoiding. There’s a future where dreams could rip everything apart. And someone has a deadly vendetta. Should you grasp at your dreams?


It was lovely to catch up with Billy once again in the third instalment of The Fox Halt Farm trilogy series. After meeting her in book one at 18 years old to seeing her grow up and experience her connection to Fox Halt Farm continuing in book two. It is worth mentioning that it probably would be beneficial to read the other two books in the series first. However there is a neat and helpful catch up at the beginning of this book that would definitely help if you want to dive straight into this story. I also found it to be a very useful reminder so I could reacquaint myself with some of the previous storylines. I was looking forward to seeing what book three would bring and to see how all the characters were getting on.

What can I say about Billy? Billy is definitely a likeable and down to earth character. However she also has a few flaws that help to give her a more believable edge. It’s safe to say that mistakes are made along the way. Along with some decisions being made that weren’t necessarily the wisest. The thing is, this all combines to give Billy’s character a more realistic feel and made me want to root for her even more. A Hare’s Footprint has plenty of drama throughout. Whether it be family, relationships, friends or Fox Halt Farm itself that are at the heart of it. There was always a little hint of trouble that kept the story both interesting and engaging. Through all of Billy’s struggles and difficulties at Fox Halt Farm I was hoping for a happy ever after. Not only Billy but the other characters in this story too.

I really enjoyed the time I spent at Fox Halt Farm with Billy, her family and friends. As they encountered every day problems to the more drama filled moments. There was a little bit of everything to keep my attention. A Hare’s Footprint is a delightful story about life and love!

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