Sunlight over Crystal Sands by Holly Martin #20booksofsummer21 (12/20) #MiniReview

Thanks for stopping by! You can catch my mini review for Sunlight over Crystal Sands by Holly Martin today. This is also book twelve of my 20 Books of Summer challenge. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

Love is in the air on the sun kissed sands of the Cornish coast, where the sea sparkles and romance sizzles on golden beaches. This stunning new novel by Holly Martin, bestselling author of Ice Creams at Emerald Cove, is guaranteed to steal your heart this summer.

Lyra Thomas has dreamed of living on Jewel Island ever since she first visited its breathtaking shores. And now her dream has come true – she has her own little cottage and a brand new job. But when Lyra sets out for a bike ride to explore her new home, a mishap has her crash-landing at the feet of the very handsome Nix Sanchez.

A true gentleman, Nix comes to Lyra’s rescue. His face is so familiar and yet they are strangers. But the more they talk, Lyra feels as though she has known Nix forever. What follows is the most magical night of Lyra’s life… until the spell is broken when the next morning she finds Nix has gone.

Feeling foolish Lyra vows to be more careful with her heart from now on. She’ll pretend Nix never existed. But destiny has other ideas and in a perfect twist of fate Lyra will discover that Nix Sanchez is impossible to forget…


Well, this was a hug in a book! There was a gentle, sweet way about this story that instantly appealed. However there was also the addition of a sizzling chemistry between Nix and Lyra which I found to be a great combination. I also loved the charm of the setting it is definitely a place that I wish I could visit.

It’s safe to say that the characters don’t have it easy on their road to a happy ever after. At first everything seems perfect until misunderstandings and miscommunications end up putting a real spanner in the works. Throughout all this I couldn’t help but root for Lyra and Nix. Even though there were times that I wanted to shout, just talk to each other! 😂

I love Holly Martin’s books they are always entertaining, romantic and a joy to read. Sunlight over Crystal Sands has all of this and more. This wonderful story provided the perfect escape with romance and a charming adventure at its core!

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