The Welsh Lord’s Convenient Bride by Lissa Morgan @LissaMorganAuth #20BooksofSummer22 (13/20) #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m thrilled to be sharing my review for The Welsh Lord’s Convenient Bride by Lissa Morgan. A big thank you to the author for my lovely copy. This is also book thirteen of the 20 Books of Summer challenge. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

A wedding between enemies

A marriage to heal their scars

Hiding a disfigurement, Eleanor de Vraille is already lacking confidence when she arrives at her future husband’s cheerless Welsh castle. And Rhun ab Owain’s open disapproval of her does nothing to make her feel at ease. Their union is to seal peace between their families, nothing more. But Eleanor’s heart rebels – is she a fool to hope for any affection from this strong-willed, nobleman with the glittering, dark eyes?


The Welsh Lord’s Convenient Bride was such a wonderful story. A book filled with romance, love and a hint of danger. I have to mention the setting as it was a definite highlight for me. The author set the scene very well and I was taken on a journey to the past as well as becoming caught up in a beautiful slow burn romance.

I really enjoyed getting to know both Eleanor and Rhun. This pair had a vulnerability about them that made me root for them both. I thought that Lissa Morgan built up a wonderful connection between them. It wasn’t easy, there were misunderstandings and a lot of history that stood between them. However there was a hopeful feeling that shined through which also brought a lovely level of emotion to the story.

The Welsh Lord’s Convenient Bride was a lovely debut that captured my attention with a brilliant setting and a heartwarming romance!

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