The Influencers by S. V. Leonard #20BooksofSummer22 (20/20) #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing my review for The Influencers by S.V. Leonard today. With thanks to the publisher for my copy via Netgalley. This is also my final book of the 20 Books of Summer challenge that I’m taking part in 🥳

First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

A filter can hide all manner of secrets…

When budding true crime blogger Maggie Shaw is invited to the Influencer of the Year awards, it feels like everything is finally falling into place. The party is held on a glamorous yacht and presents the perfect opportunity for Maggie to network – the first step towards achieving her dream of turning her hobby into a full-time job. But by the end of the night, there’s one question on everybody’s lips: who killed Stella Knight?

Stella was beautiful and famous. Her life appeared to be perfect. But behind the façade, Stella had made a number of enemies – and all of them were on board.


In this story we meet Maggie, who is a budding true crime blogger. Maggie finds herself invited to the Influencer of the Year awards. Although quite soon it becomes apparent that Maggie isn’t all that successful. However she is finally in the midst of other influencers. Which means Maggie might finally achieve her dreams of turning her blog into a full time career. Will it be plain sailing?!

I really liked the build up as Maggie attempted to network with other influencers. All of this changes when a murder occurs and she is determined to investigate. It was great to see that nothing was quite how it seemed. Maggie finds a troubling mix of secrets and superficial appearances in the influencer world. I thought this all helped the reader to get a feel for her character and the victim.

It’s safe to say that The Influencers premise definitely intrigued me and for the most part I felt the story worked well. I did enjoy investigating with Maggie but at times I felt like there was something missing. I really enjoyed the parts set on the yacht. These parts helped to build up a tense feeling. So I did feel like the story could have benefited from more of these scenes. I think they would have helped to cement a more claustrophobic feel. Let’s face it, even on a luxury yacht you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a killer!

Even though I might have had a couple of niggles, the story kept me invested. I was eager to see who the killer was especially as there were quite a few suspects to choose from. As with anything when you look below the surface there was so much more going on and the influencer world became a lot less glamorous.

On the whole The Influencers was an interesting and twisty tale!


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