Summer at Willow Tree Farm by Heidi Rice #20booksofsummer21 (4/20) #Review

Thanks for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing my review for Summer at Willow Tree Farm by Heidi Rice today. This is also my fourth book of the 20 Books of Summer challenge. With thanks to the publisher for my copy via Netgalley. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

When Ellie spent a summer with her mum on a Wiltshire commune in the 90s it was a bigger disaster than Leo DiCaprio’s trip aboard the Titanic – so fleeing to America seemed a perfect plan.

But now, with her marriage falling apart, running back to her mum seems like the only option for her and her son Josh.
She wasn’t expecting Art, the boy she once had a crush on to still be working at Willow Tree Farm…And still be as hot and bothersome as he was when they were teenagers.

Ellie came to Willow Tree Farm for a fresh start. But is she ready to risk sailing her life – and her heart – into another iceberg?


I have to admit I have had this book on my Netgalley shelf for way too long and I’m pretty annoyed with myself for leaving it so long, because it was so good!

There was so much to love about this story. The characters for a start were so much fun to get to know. They had me rooting for them from the very beginning. The friendships were a lovely addition along with the warm and inviting setting. The romance itself played out perfectly. From the scorching chemistry to the enemies to lovers aspect and especially the slow burn quality of their romance.

Art was a little on the brooding side which was definitely a hit with me! He did have his flaws but below the surface he was also a sensitive and caring person. It was so lovely to see the different sides to his personality reveal themselves. Then we have Ellie who was instantly likeable, she did have her flaws too but this made her pretty realistic. I was left smiling away at their clashes and at the same time shaking my head at some of their actions.

The plot moved at a lovely pace and I enjoyed every moment spent at Willow Tree Farm. There were both light hearted moments and some deeper moments that helped to pull me further into the characters lives. Summer at Willow Tree Farm was a fun story with a wonderful setting and a gorgeous romance. It really was the perfect uplifting summer story!

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