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Thanks for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing an extract from Remember Me by Dawn Terry as part of the blog tour today. With thanks to Zoé at Zooloo’s Book Tours and to SpellBound Books for the invite to join the tour. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

Grab yourself a glass of Sangria and escape with the sexiest thriller of the Summer

Sun, Sea Sex & Lies

When Sergeant Michael Sanchez of the Costa Blanca Policiafinally finishes a long night shift he didn’t expect to see a woman wandering the beach, soaked and disoriented. When she collapses in front of him from a head wound, he rushes her to hospital.

Helen Jones wakes up in hospital with the headache from hell and a hunky policeman watching her but absolutely no memory of who she is or why she’s been attacked. With only an ankle bracelet with the name Helen on, she has to find out what happened to her.

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So, do you recognise this place?” Michael asked, as he pulled the car to a stop opposite Juan’s bar, not far from where he’d parked a few nights before.

“Is this it?” Helen asked, looking at the expanse of golden sand and shimmering crystal-blue sea.  It was beautiful.  She shook her head, no she didn’t.

He could see her hands shaking and he put one of his reassuring over hers, feeling them still.  Helen looked at him; the warmth of his hand and his smile, eased the tremors quaking throughout her body.

Michael stepped out of the car and walked around to her door.  He took her hand in his as she climbed out and didn’t let go as he pointed to where he’d been parked three nights before.

Pulling her slightly, since her feet didn’t want to move, they walked across the road.

“So, this is where I first saw you,” he said stopping.  “I called out to you, but you didn’t respond.  I walked over, and then as I reached you, you fainted,” he recalled.  Walking a few steps forward he pointed to the gentle swell of the waves, “I concluded that since you were soaking wet, you must have come up from the sea. I can’t think of any other option.”

Helen nodded. It certainly made sense, especially since when she’d showered at the hospital a lot of sand had washed off her body and out of her hair.  She stood and looked around, there wasn’t much there, just a few bars, restaurants and cafes.  But no hotels in the immediate vicinity.  

“I suppose I could have come from one of those hotels down there,” she said pointing to further down the beach to the mass of high-rise buildings fronting the promenade.

“It is possible, but I don’t think so.  We’ve had some officers go into the hotels within a half mile radius of here.  They had your photograph, but no one recognised you, and none of the passports in their systems came up as a match.  We’re still working on the other hotels in Benisario, but so far nothing’s come up.  Besides, that doesn’t answer why you were soaking wet.”

“Stupidly taking a midnight swim?”  Helen suggested, shrugging her shoulders hoping she was more intelligent than that!

Michael looked at her seriously.  He didn’t know who she’d been before, but he was a good judge of characterand he couldn’t see her being foolish enough to go for a midnight swim alone.  “Can you actually imagine yourself doing that, Helen?  Go with your gut instinct.  Remember you weren’t drunk, and you were wearing a dress, of sort.  That is assuming you were alone.  We are not even sure about that; no one’s reported you missing, so you could have been with someone and they may not have been found yet.” 

It hadn’t occurred to her that she might not have been alone, and someone else might be missing too.  But as Michael said, she had to listen to her gut because she had nothing else to go on, and that told her there was no one else.  Just her.  Alone.  

“I really don’t know.  I wish I did, Michael.  But I don’t.”  

She took off her sandals and started to walk on the sand towards the water’s edge.  She realised it was much hotter than she’d anticipated as the soles of her feet burned, and she ended up running the rest of the way until she reached the warm water’s edge.  

“Ow!” she moaned, as she turned round to find Michael laughing as he casually strolled behind her, still wearing his flip flops.

“Well obviously I’m not that sensible,” she said nodding to his flip-flops, as hers dangled from her hand.

“So?”  Michael asked expectantly.  He’d thought that by bringing Helen back it would jog her memory somewhat.  Now he wasn’t so sure.

“Give me a chance, we’ve only just got here,” she said looking around the beach and out to sea.  But it was no good, nothing was coming back to her.  Her mind was still a big void of darkness.  “Would you mind if we stayed a while?” she asked sitting down on the hot sand, “Maybe something will come soon.”

“Hold on.  Let me get a blanket from the car, it will be more comfortable,” he said.

Helen watched him walk away, and then turned back to the sea.  It was beautiful; its sparkling white crystals jumped off into the clear blue sky, with not a cloud in sight.  She sighed, feeling relaxed and calm.  Taking a deep breath Helen thought she could stay here forever.  It was like food for her soul.  


Dawn Terry enjoys writing romantic thriller/suspense novels, in which she takes her readers to beautiful locations on an emotional rollercoaster ride of deep suspense and sensual fiery passion. She is the author of Deadly Escape and Costa Del Lies.

Having worked in interior design, international stockbroking and banking, advertising, law, marketing and radio, Dawn has been personal assistant to some of the most senior men and women within their fields, and she’s had access to, and enjoyed partying in, some of the most exclusive and famous venues.

Dawn enjoys holidaying in idealistic locations and has travelled extensively around the world, using these life experiences as inspiration for her books. As well as living in her home country of England, she has lived in Spain and South America.

Currently Dawn lives in Bedfordshire with her family, and is working on novels set in the Balearic Islands, South America, Spain and USA.

Follow her at:

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