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Thanks for stopping by! I’m delighted to be sharing an extract for On the Seventh Day by Mark Wilson as part of the blog tour today. With thanks to Zoé at Zooloo’s Book Tours for the invite to join the tour. First things first let’s take a look at the description for the book…

God is furious.

He has run out of patience with humans and decided that our time is over.

We’ve had our chance and it’s back to the drawing board.

Mo, and Jay, best friends who’ve screwed up in the past, beg him for one more chance to get the humans back on track.

Alongside Mr Saluzar, the head of a global charity foundation, and Nick, The Fallen Angel, they hurtle towards Armageddon and their one chance to prove God wrong.

They have seven days to save us.

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Amazon UK – https://www.amazon.co.uk/SEVENTH-DAY-Mark-Wilson-ebook/dp/B08W8QSQ9Y

Amazon US – https://www.amazon.com/SEVENTH-DAY-Mark-Wilson-ebook/dp/B08W8QSQ9Y

Stewart turned to the screen and began flicking through galaxies and solar systems looking for planets on which he might begin his experiment of life anew. 

Jay kicked at Mo who was still singing broken songs to himself. Looking at Stewart’s face always made him this way. Mo looked up through tears to see his best friend’s agonised face plead with him for help. With no little effort, he dragged himself off the carpet, onto his feet and stood beside Jay. 

Placing one hand on his father’s shoulder, Jay spoke softly. 

“Dad. Please, for me. Give us a chance to fix things. Let us try one more time.” Stewart turned to face them. 

Jay allowed a minute spark of the Holy presence within him to show in his eyes. 

Stewart picked up on it instantly — this fragment of His own being, His own presence. His power embodied in His son who was so very like He Himself, but… reduced. Jay really was a shard of Himself. The lad didn’t show it often, but he was. Looking at the hazy reflection of His own being, of His presence in another’s form, His son, Stewart softened slightly. He placed His own hand on top of His son’s. 

“Son, there’s nothing to be done. They’ll never change. They had a role… a fate to fulfil. They simply cannot.”  

It was the calmest, most honest Jay’s father had been with him in two thousand years. 

Jay choked back rising emotion and looked deeply into the eyes of his father.  

“I know that they can, I know it. Allow us time. Give us the freedom to re-enter the world and minister to them as we see fit. One chance to do it our way, Dad. If we fail, no arguments. One chance, Dad.” Stewart sighed deeply.  

“Son… Jesus, you will fail.” “You’ll let us try?” Jay asked. 

Stewart nodded once.  

Jay punched Mo in the arm.  

“Go tell Az to go back to torturing kittens.” 

Relieved to have an excuse to leave Stewart’s presence, Mo ran after Azrael, leaving Father and Son alone. 

Jay beamed at his father, causing Stewart’s face to harden once more. 

“You’ve a week. Seven days. Not a minute more. Not a second,” Stewart said. 

There was no point in or room for arguing. Jay nodded his head gratefully. 

Stewart continued. “None of that Holy spirit, immaculate conception shite this time. Both of you will be placed in the body of someone who already exists. You may use whatever methods… whichever powers you wish.”


Mark Wilson is the author of twelve works of fiction and one non-fiction memoir. He also writes Crime Thrillers under the pseudonym, C.P. Wilson

Mark’s short story ‘Glass Ceiling’ won first prize in May, 2015 on Spinetingler’s Short story competition and will be included in Ryan Bracha’s Twelve Nights at Table Six. dEaDINBURGH reached the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2014 and was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, 2015.

Mark currently teaches Biology in a Fife secondary school and writes in his spare time, in lieu of sleep.

Follow him at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markwilsonbooks
Twitter: https://twitter.com/markwilsonbooks

Website : https://markwilsonbooks.com/

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